Netta Cohen


Experienced executive, leader of innovation and entrepreneurship processes. Former CEO of BGN Technologies Ltd, the Technology Company of Ben-Gurion University. Director of Pharma Israel, the Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies Association, Finance & Business Development, Novartis Consumer Health and Gerber Baby food Israel, VP at Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries. Holds an Executive MBA from the University of Bradford, UK, and a B.A. in Economics & Management from Ruppin Academic Center. Former Board member at DT Innovation Labs at BGU, Inno-Negev, Capital Nature, SenSoil, CDI Negev, BGR Robotics, MultiPhy, PixelScan, ITTN, Protea, CartiHeal, Rotec, BotanoCap, AmorphiCal, xAct medical, Ringelblum, Bio-Negev, MediLogos, BaseCamp, CyberSpark

Ayelet Ben Arav

VP Business Development

Ayelet has over a decade of experience in Senior Management, Research & Development, and Entrepreneurship doing ground breaking work with Pharma, Agritech, and Semiconductors; two of them which were acquired by International corporations. She also established and managed NESTech, a technological incubator in Haifa. Prior to joining Incubit Ventures, Ayelet served as COO of Forrest Innovations, a global biotech company that is noted for providing solutions to mosquito-borne diseases. Ayelet holds a B.Sc in BioPhysics from Bar Ilan University and an M.Sc in Bio Med from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Kiril Berniker


Mr, Kiril Berniker serves as Incubit CFO. He brings over seven years of experience in financial positions at Elbit Systems as well as eight years of experience as Director of Economics at a large company. In parallel to Incubit Mr. Berniker is a financial manager in Elbit HQ as well as being responsible for the multinational governmental R&D funds delivery, exceeding MUSD per annum. Mr. Berniker has extensive experience in managing activities supported by the IIA in the financial aspects of complex R&D projects. Additionally, he has extensive experience as a financial analyst. Mr. Berniker was the CFO of Elbit Systems subsidiary in Mexico and holds a B.A in finance.

Alon Stopel


Dr. Alon Stopel was appointed as Elbit Systems’ Corporate Chief Scientist in 2016, and as a Vice President in 2018. He joined Elbit Systems in 2016 following his retirement from the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD). From 2007 until his retirement, he served as a Lt. Col in the IMOD’s Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) as Head of the System Multi-Technology Project and as Head of the Sensors Department in Israel Missile Defense Organization. Prior to that he served in a number of technological and management positions in the DDR&D, which he joined in 2001. Between 1996-2000 he was an entrepreneur and CEO of startups companies. Dr. Stopel holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology - Technion, an MBA from Tel-Aviv University and a PhD in Electrical Engineering – Physical Electronics from the Tel-Aviv University.

Anat Tzadik

Manager of IIA Operations

Anat manages the portfolio company’s operations with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA). Leveraging her 12 years of experience at Maayan Ventures as OCS coordinator, Anat has become expert in interfacing and interacting with the Technological incubator program of the IIA. Anat’s personal skills and familiarity with investment funnel management allows her to support and coordinate Incubit’s Deal Flow process.

Michal Dabush

Administrative and Operations Manager

Michal Is Incubit administrative manager who is also responsible for operations and logistics of Incbit. She provides solutions to the portfolio companies on logistic issues, and responsible for purchasing an negotiating with service providers for Incubit and project companies. Michal is also responsible for monitoring the budget and handling payments, and scheduling diaries and visits to the offices. Michal holds BA in Behavioral Sciences and Economics from Ben Gurion University

Varda Shmuel

Manager, IIA Accounting

Varda is Incubit’s and its portfolio companies accounts manager. Prior to her current position Varda served in a similar role at Ofakim Ventures. Her experience includes work at various accounting firms where she handled financial reports and auditing for private and public companies. Varda holds a degree in Tax Consulting.

Nir Liszer

Tech Advisor

Nir is a tech geek. Nir brings vast experience in managing multidisciplinary R&D projects.
Specialized in Communication, image processing, System Architecture and Unmanned Ariel vehicle (UAV), System Engineering, Integration & Development Development of large & complex Real Time systems (Systems of systems). Implementation and assimilation of systems, development and transfer from development to production Prior to Incubit Nir was a senior director of technology and R&D at Elbit Systems. Prior to that Nir was part of the founding team and served as the technical manager of Replay later acquired by Intel. Nir was also part of VisionMap, Proxy Aviation and BVR. Nir Holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering.

Uri Greisman Ran

Tech and Business Advisor

Uri is a Senior Director of Innovative Technology Programs at the office of the CTO at Elbit Systems HQs. He is experienced with design of multidisciplinary systems architecture, identification and assessment of innovative technologies, and originating new business and operational concepts. At his recent position Uri managed the national innovation and R&D Hyperspectral Remote Sensing lab, and large-scale multidisciplinary programs. Uri holds a BA in Economics cum laude from Tel Aviv University, an Executive International MBA from Kellogg-Recanati Schools at Northwestern / Tel Aviv Universities, and an MSc in Space Studies from the International Space University in Strasbourg, where he is acting as an Individual Governance Member

Yehoshua (Shuki) Yehuda

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Elbit Systems in January 2016. From 2008 until his current appointment, he served as Elisra’s vice president and chief technology officer as well as general manager – radar solutions business unit. Prior to that he served in a number of management positions in Elisra, which he joined in 2000. Before joining Elisra, Mr. Yehuda served as an officer in the IDF, holding command positions in the Intelligence Corps. Mr. Yehuda holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv University and a master of science degree in neural computation from the Hebrew University. He is a graduate of Harvard University Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Joseph Gaspar

Joseph Gaspar was appointed as an Executive Vice President of Elbit Systems in 2008 and as Chief Financial Officer in 2001. He was appointed as a corporate vice president in 2000 and served as corporate vice president – strategy, technology and subsidiaries from 2000 until 2001. From 1996 until 2000, he held the position of corporate vice president, marketing and business development of Elop. Mr. Gaspar joined Elop in 1975 and held several management positions, including vice president and general manager of Elop’s optronics product division and co-manager of an Elop subsidiary in the United States. Mr. Gaspar holds a bachelor of science degree from the Technion in electronic engineering with advanced studies in digital signal processing and communication.

Ran Bar-sella

Ran Bar-Sella is the VP of Corporate Innovation at Elbit Systems Headquarters. He developed the Innovation strategy for Elbit and led the team and activities of its corporate wide execution including internal innovation, open innovation and co-innovation. Prior to his current role, Ran was the founder and CEO of Incubit were he was responsible for the open innovation strategy, founding and running Incubit for six years. Ran led the first 14 investments of Incubit and continues to serve as a board member of Incubit. Before that, Ran was the CTO of Elbit’s Unmanned Aerials Systems Division. Ran is a seasoned technology expert who previously served as VP R&D at Trig Medical, established the Machine vision Algorithm and DSP SW team for PEEK Traffic and as senior researcher for Net2Wireless. Ran spent time working as a freelance consultant offering technology evaluation, competitive analysis, IP portfolio analysis and algorithm development. He was also a Co-Founder and board member at IARD. In addition to his roles at Elbit Ran mentors Startups and teams at Innovation activities where he contributes his expertise in technology, R&D and product strategy as well as fund raising. Ran holds a B.Sc. EE cum laude and a M.Sc. EE, both from the Technion.

David Stavitsky

Chairman of the Investment Committee

David has been Corporate Chief Scientist and Senior VP of Elbit Systems, in charge of Technologies Development, Internal R&D and Intellectual Property since 2001. For the past few years he has been a member of Capital Nature’s investment committee. He was recently nominated as board member of Opgal and SCD. David holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering since 1979 and has vast experience in many fields of Engineering and Science. From 1995-2001 he led the Remote Sensing division of Elop, in charge of Space and Airborne Reconnaissance cameras’ development and production as well as Airborne, Ship- borne and Vehicle-borne Electro-optical stabilized payloads. He serves as a delegate representing Israel at the European Commission for Transport and Aeronautics. Among the pioneers of the Israeli Space program, he received the Israel Defense Award in 1995.

Ilan Pacholder

Ilan Pacholder was appointed as Executive Vice President – Mergers and Acquisitions of Elbit Systems in 2009, in addition to his position as Executive Vice President – Offset and Financing to which he was appointed in 2008. During 2007, he served as vice president and chief financial officer of Tadiran Communications Ltd. Mr. Pacholder served as corporate secretary and vice president – finance and capital markets of Elbit Systems from 2003 until 2006. From 2001 until 2003, he served as vice president – finance. Mr. Pacholder joined Elbit Ltd. in 1994 and held various senior positions in the finance department. Prior to joining Elbit Ltd. he served as the chief financial officer for Sanyo Industries in New York. Before that Mr. Pacholder worked for Bank Leumi in New York and held the position of vice president in the international and domestic lending departments. Mr. Pacholder holds a bachelor of arts degree in accounting and economics from Queens College in New York and an MBA in finance and investments from Adelphi University.

Eyal Eshed

Eyal is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in leading Hi-Tech companies from the initial concept to a successful company. Currently Eyal serves as a chairman, board member and investor at several Hi-Tech companies and as the CEO of SpeakingPal which he co-founded. Eyal was the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Omnivee, which he led from a concept to a commercial success. A multiple prize-winning company that was successfully acquired. Earlier in his career Eyal was a project manager and a software developer at Chromatis Networks, acquired by Lucent Technologies – a major deal measured in billions of dollars. Eyal’s strong technology background is coupled with astute managerial capabilities. In addition to managing SpeakingPal, Eyal serves as an advisor, mentor and public speaker. Eyal holds a BA in Computer Science with summa cum laude, from IDC, and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Itai Kohavi

Founder, CEO of: Comfy Interactive (IPO), Neat Group (acquired and became Orbitz Israel), (acquired by Vantage). Founder: Microsoft Ventures Academy- Tapas MBA. Business Creativity Guest Lecturer at various universities in the US and in Israel.