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Who We Are

Deep Tech entrepreneurship is a challenging and most demanding adventure.
We at Incubit, dare to invest in deep technology: unique, differentiated, protected or hard to reproduce, based on technological or scientific advances.
We understand technology, recognize innovation and are set to navigate and support your journey from concept trough POC and into product launching and business success.

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Deal Structure

Incubit operates within the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA) incubators program. Our investment focuses on early stage startups and provides a $1.3M equity investment divided into equity investment for 2 years of operation, ‘InKind’ investment provided by Elbit Systems and an option for extended 3rd year of operation without additional equity. In addition, we also provide support and services such as office and labs, accounting and legal services, business and marketing mentoring, and supporting future rounds of investments.

The Elbit Connection

Incubit bridges between all-commercial technology startups, and Elbit Systems: an Israeli tech giant presenting an outstanding history of R&D based innovations in a broad portfolio of airborne, land and naval systems and products for defense, homeland security and commercial applications.

Elbit Systems [NSDQ: ESLT] was established in 1967, becoming one of Israel’s elite technology firms, over with  16,000 employees.

The Process

Our evaluation process is backed by Elbit System’s experts who support the assessment of technological differentiation, risks and time-to-market of each team.
Within this evaluation, we explore the technology behind the idea, assure its scientific and market viability, recognize synergies it may have with Elbit’s fields of interest, and get to know the people on the team. Once identified and selected by Incubit, the invested firm will be guided through the process of building a comprehensive and detailed work-plan that will be presented to Incubit’s investment committee – and following its approval also be brought to the Israeli Innovation Authority Investment Committee

Why Incubit

We dare to invest in deep technology. We are tech geeks just like you.
We understand technology, we recognize the efforts required to develop deep technology. We bridge the gap between the strength of a corporate and the flexibility of a startup. We are multidisciplinary team that understand both technology and business, we were all entrepreneurs our selves. We date to take the risk and invest in super early super tech startups and help them build amazing companies.

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