Ayelet Ben Arav
Ayelet Ben Arav

VP BizDev at Incubit

Why Incubit

About Incubit

This content is brought to you by Incubit, providing early-stage deep-tech entrepreneurs with a strategic investment as well as 360° services, including offices, legal, and marketing & business advisory. Learn more.

Incubit serves as a strategic investor, meaning that it can bring immense value to the incubated startup beyond the financial infusion startups are looking for. Incubit serves as Elbit’s open innovation arm and is solely focused on early stage deep tech startups that are synergetic to Elbit’s fields of interest yet target civilian markets.  We invest in a variety of fields, such as robotics, automotive, cyber, materials, 5G and more.

Our unique background and approach offer some unique advantages to incubated companies:

  1. Incubit brings to the table the Elbit power – comprehensive understanding of deep technologies, efficient management of complex R&D projects, access to resources such as labs, and expert advice
  2. Many times, corporate investors tend to invest in startups, planning to later on acquire the startup and take over the technology. Elbit has a different approach and will not continue investing for equity, but rather initiate commercial and licensing agreements with the startups, post the incubation period. This will further fuel the startup’s growth and success as an independent entity.
  3. Elbit has the power and connections to help the Incubit portfolio companies in raising their next rounds working with several leading financial institutions and investors. Other investors highly value Incubit’s unique due diligence process and view incubated startups as relatively low-risk investments as they have been through the process of highly experienced tech and business experts evaluating them from an innovation, technology and commercial perspectives.
  4. To make our small contribution to advancing the peripheral areas of Israel, we based the incubator office space in Beer Sheba and 50% of our people are from the south of Israel
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