Ayelet Ben Arav
Ayelet Ben Arav

VP BizDev at Incubit

Investment Philosophy

About Incubit

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Investing in deep tech startups, who are building commercial applications around highly innovative and disruptive technologies that are based on scientific discoveries requires a different approach and specialty than the background that is usually required in other types of investments.  

As the open innovation arm of Elbit systems, Incubit brings to the table the ability to identify opportunities in the deep tech space and evaluate their potential in terms of innovation, technology and commercial aspects. This is done leveraging Elbit Systems’ team of technological experts who are involved in the pre-funding due diligence process, making Incubit the only funding program that brings engineering people into the dialogue this early in the process.

As evident by our portfolio , We look for unique Israeli startups, as we are looking to invest in companies that are working on truly innovative technologies that will offer something new to the world, while at the same time demonstrate strong probability for commercial success.

Because of our resources and knowledge, we are able to accompany our startups from initial concept through POC and eventually to market and business success. This value proposition offers fellow investors a significant risk reduction, as it complements their strong financial backgrounds with an expert tech analysis of the opportunity at hand and a solid evaluation of the feasibility of the concept.

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