Ayelet Ben Arav
Ayelet Ben Arav

VP BizDev at Incubit

The Elbit Connection

About Incubit

This content is brought to you by Incubit, providing early-stage deep-tech entrepreneurs with a strategic investment as well as 360° services, including offices, legal, and marketing & business advisory. Learn more.

Incubit is the technological incubator of Elbit Systems Ltd. [NSDQ and TASE: ESLT] , serving as its open innovation arm. As such, we are a strategic investor, pairing extensive experience, knowledge and resources from Elbit with solid business leadership from Incubit. Elbit Systems is one of Israel’s elite technology firms, and has a deep understanding of technology, appreciation of innovation and ability to accompany deep tech founders in their journey from concept through POC and into product launching and business success.

Incubit provides a unique win-win model where Elbit enjoys early access to innovative deep technology startups that can be synergetic to Elbit’s diverse defense businesses, whereas deep tech founders can enjoy valuable direction and advice based on strong expertise and years of experience in managing complex R&D processes, product development and system integration in wide range of technological verticals. Incubated companies can greatly benefit from access to a variety of Elbit resources such as labs, equipment, and more. These kinds of synergies let founders enjoy a significant risk reduction during their journey.

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