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NewRocket is developing advanced, environmentally friendly (“green propulsion”) rocket engines based on innovative gel-propellant technology developed at the Technion under the leadership of Prof. Benny Natan.

Conventional rocket engines are based, primarily, on two main propellant technologies that comprise most of the existing rocket engines today. Solid rockets utilize a propellant in which fuel and oxidizer are molded together in a grain to form a solid structure. These rockets are usually safe and easy to use; however, once ignited, they cannot be controlled or shut down and reignited. Liquid rockets, on the other hand, are controllable, having an on/off capability, and are more energetic than solid rockets. The drawbacks of liquid engines are in their complexity and the fact that they use mainly very toxic or cryogenic propellants, further complicating their usage.

NewRocket’s gel-propellant rocket engines combine the best of both solid and liquid rockets – they are safe and simple to use, yet feature high performance and controllability.

Leveraging a seed investment from Incubit Technologies, NewRocket is aiming high – to become a world leader in green propulsion rocket systems for the Space and Aviation markets.