L7 Defense is developing next-generation technology to protect web systems from DENIAL OF SERVICE (DDoS) attacks.

In recent years, DDoS attacks have become highly sophisticated and can easily evade both traditional defense systems and cloud­based protection services. The damage to an organization attacked by DDoS is currently estimated as being anywhere between tens of thousands to millions of dollars per hour of downtime

L7 Defense has designed a novel protection system to counter sophisticated DDoS attacks ("DDoS 2.0"). This system harnesses the use of biological models to perform automatic monitoring and blocking of such attacks in real time, without needing prior knowledge of the parameters of a specific attack. Its identification and response processes resemble physical protection systems.

L7 Defense was founded in May 2015 by entrepreneurs Yisrael Gross and Dr. Doron Chema, and joined Incubit in July 2015.​

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