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Collage Medical Imaging

Optical biopsy for revolutionary microscopic diagnostics of local cancerous tumors inside organs.

Collage Medical Imaging was founded in 2014 as an Incubit Ventures company. The company’s patented technology integrates the very high resolution, short range, Optical Coherence Tomography technology with Spatial Localization Technology in a unique patent-pending combination that, for the first time, enables reliable virtual tissue reconstruction of human organs at microscopic level.

The company’s breakthrough system enables real time diagnosis, and provides unparalleled detailed microscopic mapping of cancerous tissue within body organs.

The end result is a micron-level resolution virtual tissue reconstruction of the entire organ, which is by far superior to the resolution obtainable by current modalities such as MRI, CT and Ultrasound

The company’s mission is to provide a technology having the potential of complementing and ultimately replacing traditional cancer diagnostics.

Collage website: www.collagemed.com

Dr. Roni Zvuloni, Co-Founder , CEO , 052-8382114, rz.collage@gmail.com
Dr. Gabi Iddan,  Co-Founder , CTO , 052-6599930, iddan.gabi@gmail.com