CENS – Clustered Engineered Nano Space is the first company chosen to be financed by Incubit Ventures.

The Start-Up was founded by Michael Bromfman and Dr. Niles Fleischer in 2013. CENS is developing breakthrough technology to increase the energy and power of super-capacitors and lithium ion batteries by connecting carbon nanotubes (CNT) with various electrode materials to create highly conductive 3-dimensional structures that meet the increasing demands of electronics, transportation, medical device and defense markets. A range of CENS products will be sold as electrode materials to battery and super-capacitor manufacturers.

The addition of CNT to electrodes improves their electric conductivity and can buffer volumetric changes that Li-ion batteries suffer during use. However, the potential of these benefits are not fully realized with currently used CNT preparation techniques due to problems of mixing, expensive processing, and poor performance efficiency.

CENS technology, on the other hand, enables significantly greater utilization of CNT properties – including much improved power and energy – by creating a very efficient, nanostructured network with various types of electrode materials.

The CENS CNT-particle clusters provide super-capacitors with about 50% more power than equivalent type cells produced with conventional CNT mixtures; thereby enabling desirable features such as fast charging, longer cycle life, and better reliability. Power sources made with the CENS 3-dimensional structured electrodes will be attractive to battery and super-capacitor producers, enabling them to offer better products for powering the next generation of electronic items, medical devices and electric vehicles.