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Creative IC3D (CIC3D) was incorporated in December 2015 after receiving seed investment from Incubit in the sum of $700K. This innovative startup is expanding the horizons of the current technological frontiers of 3D printing. Their technology is enabling to 3D print printed circuit boards (PCBs) while maintaining high level of conductivity.

Currently, almost all existing companies that engage in 3D printing of PCBs – do so with silver ink containing nanometric silver particles. PCBs that are printed with such method suffer from lower conductivity in comparison to what is viewed to be an industry standard. For this reason, 3D printing PCBs based on silver ink can be used in a limited scope of applications. Those usually consist of industry domains where conductivity isn’t a crucial factor (e.g. touch screens).

Furthermore, attempts to use copper ink containing nanometric copper particles ended up in even lower conductivity as nano particles have a wider surface area which speed up copper oxidation (copper is highly sensitive to oxidation) and subsequently to decrease their conductive properties.

The innovative method developed by CIC3D enables to overcome the afore mentioned challenges by integrating a number of technologies with multi-disciplinary chemistry.