Partnership Program

Who are we?

Incubit Technology Ventures is an incubator for early stage and disruptive technology startups.  Incubit is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems (NASDAQ: ESLT; largest publicly traded Israeli High-Tech defense company); it invests exclusively in non-defense startups. Located in Beer-Sheva, Incubit is designed to nurture technological innovation and accelerate it.

What we do?

Incubit is Elbit’s open innovation platform. Consequently, it is able to leverage Elbit's key assets including infrastructure (labs, equipment) knowhow and technological experts for Incubit’s portfolio companies.

Incubit actively scouts, invests and incubates non-defense startups with new disruptive technologies in non-defense markets. Our motivation is to license external innovative technologies to Elbit’s business lines in the defense market. Elbit’s license purchase provides additional revenue stream for our portfolio companies to the one they actively pursue in the civilian market. By nature, defense and aerospace are not addressable markets for startups, so this is a unique growth opportunity for our portfolio companies. Incubit helps and guides portfolio startups to achieve their maximum technological and financial potential. Incubit’s diverse management team is deeply involved and hands-on player in the startups' strategy and governance; providing their personal experience and on going technological and business mentoring. At the end of the incubation period Incubit actively assists its portfolio companies to identify and connect with following investors.

Why should you connect?  

Technology innovation has two embedded risks: technological risk and a business risk. Incubit’s goal is to mitigate the technological risk by delivering a viable proof of concept. Once mitigated, the business opportunity remains with Incubit's partners. Namely, the business potential is materialized only after technology matured enough to leave the incubator, which is when it becomes relevant for our partners to greatly extend their business involvement.

The partnership program is risk and bureaucracy free and exposes partners to deal-flow in their market domains, leaving them with the opportunity to materialize the startup's business potential.

What are the partners’ benefits?
  1. Exposure - Exposure to unique technology. You’ll be able to participate and influence POC definition and product roadmap formulation.

  2. Deal flow - Access to deal flow in your market domain, once you shares your list of interests with us.
  3. Early access – Early access to new technologies; become an early adopter and alpha customer for our portfolio companies.
  4. Investment opportunity - You’ll expose yourself to the opportunity to participate in further investment rounds. Given your prior involvement level you can mitigate some risks, allowing a more calculated investment.   
How to join the program?
  1. Define your innovation interests in a clear format.  This will enable Incubit to notify you when it views things that interest you.
  2. Assign a point of contact in your organization to interface Incubit;
  3. Share your expectations;
  4. Follow-up with a periodical conference call;
  5. Access our members’ area @ and review our blog, news and portfolio companies and other innovation vehicles.